Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Where can I find movers?

Searching online for the perfect professional moving company to handle your relocation might be your best option, other than receiving some recommendations from your family or friends. If you’re interested in searching on your own, you need to make sure that you are hiring a reliable moving company, which is also fully licensed and insured. Keep in mind that you will be trusting your moving company of choice with your belongings, so make sure to do proper research before settling on your top pick.

2. When should I hire movers?

You can hire your movers for a short notice move, or give them a call three months before. It is completely up to you. However, keep in mind that giving your movers a call as soon as possible ensures that they will have an open slot for your preferred move date. Once you find out exactly when you are going to be moving, you should give your movers a call and set up the reservation.

3. How many movers do I need?

Since every move is different, the number of movers needed is completely individual. The number of movers needed to complete your move is determined by a number of factors, including the size of your move, if there are any special items to be moved, and the number of items that need to be transported. Keep in mind that having an additional move on hand can speed up your move process immensely.

4. How much do movers charge?

Just like the number of movers you need to hire, the amount that you will be charged depends on the moving company relocating you, as well as the size of your move and number of movers needed. Keep in mind that most moving companies do have competitive rates, so make sure to pick the one that offers services that satisfy your moving needs.

5. When do movers start charging?

Most professional local moving companies will start the clock that indicates the start of your move once they arrive at your first location. Once your movers have reached the destination, and everything has been safely unloaded off the truck and settled into your new home, is when the clock will stop and the total time it took your movers to finish everything up is how much you will be paying at the end of the day.

6. Can movers work in the rain?

Some reliable, professional moving companies regularly train their movers to handle every possible moving obstacle, even moving in conditions that might not be ideal. If your professional moving company evaluates that the conditions are safe for your move to take place in, they will offer extra protection to your belongings and move you regardless. If the conditions are unsafe, your reliable moving company might not want to jeopardize the safety of your items and reschedule your move.

7. Will movers take my bed apart?

The service of disassembly and reassembly are usually included in the rates of most local moving companies. Your movers will take your bed apart in order to maneuver it easily around the premises, and speed up the process of your move, before reassembling it later in your new home. You won’t even need tools, as your professional movers will bring everything needed to ensure a smooth move.

8. Are movers usually late?

Most reliable moving companies offer their customers guaranteed timetables in which they can arrive in. This means that they guarantee their arrival in that certain time window. Make sure to choose the best time frame for your move to take place in, and your movers will be there on time. It’s quite a popular opinion that movers are always late, but that doesn’t happen with Carlsbad Movers.

9. Will movers move full dressers?

A reliable moving company that doesn’t wish to jeopardize the safety of your items and slow down the process of your move, will advise you to always empty every heavy or medium weight item you might own. Not only does it add to the weight of your belongings, risking their safety during heavy lifting, but it also unnecessarily slows your move down, resulting in you losing money at the end of the day for no reason.

10. When should I tip my movers?

When it comes to tipping your movers, this is completely optional with Carlsbad Movers. We believe that our expertise speaks for itself and that you should tip your movers based on how well they handled your move. If you are completely satisfied with the service, feel free to tip them as much as you would like.