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Packing on your own vs hiring local movers

You’ve found the perfect place to live, signed the lease, and paid the security deposit. Now, the part many people dread: It’s time to pack up and move out. There are plenty of options from doing it all yourself to hiring professional movers that’ll haul boxes and even full-service packers and movers who pack up your belongings for you. In most cases, it’s better to hire local movers and leave it to the expert local movers. Packing and unpacking is one thing, but the actual stress, mentally and physically, just isn’t worth it in our opinion. 

The only time we’d nudge someone to pack themselves, rent a truck, and lug heavy boxes and furniture is if they’re on a budget and they can’t afford local movers. Of course, every move is different, so it’s important to consider what you can spend and how much time you’re willing to invest. To begin with, it’s very important to understand that the price of hiring professional packers and movers for moving greatly relies on the local movers you choose. Therefore, the last thing you should do is falling for the first offer from the only professional movers you’ve contacted. 

Therefore, it’s very important to visit a couple of more packers and movers just to have a range of options while comparing and making an informed choice. The pricing policy is another factor that is different among the local movers. The pricing policy often differs among the professional movers with some charging on an hourly basis while others create a flat offer based on the pricing factors.

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But yes, moving definitely takes a lot of time and effort. Of everything that is involved in moving, the most important aspect is packing. It’s a difficult chore to tackle and many people shy away from it. Packing is not just throwing things in boxes and sealing them off to be loaded into the moving truck. That’s probably what you’d do if you keep putting off this work until it’s almost time for the moving men to arrive. 

Not following the proper packing procedures could mean having lots of broken and damaged items. If you think you can’t do this on your own, whether you’re too busy or you’re just not up to it, consider hiring professional movers who will pack your possessions for you. So now, let me break down for you the advantages and disadvantages of getting packing services. Hopefully, this will help you decide what to do with your packing needs.


If you decide to move on your own without the help of local packers and movers you will have the complete freedom of doing it however you see fit. One of the greatest pros of DIY is the fact that you are in control of the entire process. You get to choose which boxes will each item be stored and how it will be transported. You are also handling the sensitive items in your inventory so you do not have the risk of someone else breaking them during the move. 

Professional movers require you to properly pack and seal all items before the move. Doing it yourself will let you choose when and how you pack a certain item. This will, however, require you to prepare boxes, tools, and proper protection for the packed items and furniture. It can also be time-consuming. By hiring professional movers they are more than likely to provide not only transport but also specially designed boxes and packaging. 

Hiring professional LA movers will eliminate the process of heavy lifting everything. While complete control over the move is one of the biggest pros of DIY, having professional packers and movers do all the heavy lifting outweighs the complete control. But if you after all decide not to hire professional packers and movers, you need to be prepared for the following things. Also, there are some situations when not hirring local movers is the right choice, so here we will list some of them.

You will work harder than ever

It’s more work, but you’ll save a lot on moving expenses if you choose to do it without local packers and movers. So, for folks with a strict budget, this is the ideal option. Prepare to work very hard that day. Heavy lifting and maneuvering to get items out your door without damaging woodwork and hinges, to fit items in the vehicle and through yet another door! Taking on the task of extra planning for your move.

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This means gathering boxes and buying packing items, borrowing items, and remembering to return them. Never mind the actual wrapping and packing of your belongings. You will also need to recruit friends and family for their help that day, instead of local movers, remembering all the while that when people are working for free, they can come up with any excuse to bail on you last minute.

You will label everything by yourself

You will label everything by yourself – If time is on your side, you can pack up yourself, you will know what’s in each box, but don’t forget to label it! Trust me, you don’t want to be digging through a dozen boxes to find your pillow or phone charger the first night in your new place.

You are ready to get rid of some stuff

Excited to declutter? Then make your DIY move an opportunity to separate everything into toss, donate, and keep piles. It’ll feel satisfying and truly give you a fresh start. Decluttering is also good if you are hiring local movers because that way you will pay them less as you will have less stuff.

You are not moving far away

Local movers carrying sofa from moving van to house

Think about where you’re moving. Is it down the block? Within the same city? Are you just moving things into storage? If you aren’t going that far, then moving on your own becomes a little easier. 

You have a lot of spare time

If you have plenty of time to plan your upcoming move, then it’ll be much easier to do on your own. Plus, you’ll have time to sell whatever furniture or belongings you don’t want to bring to your new apartment.

You want to organize your own time

If you aren’t keen on having to depend on a professional movers schedule, then moving on your own will allow you more flexibility. You can spend the weekend thoughtfully moving into your new digs, rather than rushing to make sure everything is ready for the three hours you’ve got with professional packers and movers.

You don’t have too much stuff

Another situation when you can skip the professional movers? You just don’t have that much stuff! Perhaps you’re moving to a studio or one-bedroom apartment or don’t have big-ticket items like a couch yet—it’ll be less of a hassle to tackle this project yourself. 

You already have help

packing properly. moving

Got roommates, a partner, or friends? Enlisting their help instead of professional packers and movers can make the day go by quickly (and probably only cost you a couple of pizzas).

You have free moving supplies

Choose the vehicle & moving supplies. Borrow and use free items, use your pick up or a friend’s.  If you have good friends, this is a good time to use them.


Moving from the old house to your new home is truly an exciting venture. However, the major challenge only comes in during moving. All the packing and ensuring the safety of your household items can be overwhelming for a single person or the whole family. And this is why you need professional packers and movers to your rescue. From the start of your move to the end, professional movers will have everything covered during your transition to a new home. 

Whether it’s properly packing the moving truck or swiftly unloading all your things into your home, professional local movers provide a certain peace of mind. So, to avoid the stress and hassle of moving and packing your stuff, below are the major benefits of hiring professional packers and movers:

Packing smart is essential for any move

Cute curly-haired girl packing books before moving out, moving

It can eliminate stress when you’re fully prepared and packed before move day arrives. Our professional packers and movers can provide customized packing services to you, whether you need a little packed or an entire home, we can help.

Safety of your items

Professional packers and movers have been trained well with a few years of experience. This is enough to guarantee the safety of your items. With their skills in handling items whether fragile or tough ones, they will reach their destination safely. What’s more, they will come with packaging and cushioning materials, getting this item on your own can be quite expensive, yet you can save on your budget by getting a moving company. 

Man moving house and relocating with fragile items

Furniture disassembling

Furniture is quite bulky and often time-consuming when it comes to moving. Therefore, you may have to disassemble them and then again reassemble after getting to your new place. This is quite easy when you have a team of professional movers at your service. However, handling it on your own may turn out to be very tricky. Thus have the expert packers and movers take care of this stress for you. 


Packing your items can be very time-consuming and often stressful. Handling every part of your house from the kitchen to the bedroom requires a couple of days. At times even the weekend alone isn’t enough. But with professional packers and movers, you will be stress-free. 

Avoid unnecessary injuries

 Another benefit of professional movers is avoiding unnecessary injuries. They are well trained in both heavy lifting and handling of delicate items yet heavy. Also, they have pieces of equipment that are well specialized in dealing with heavier items like the washing machine.

Male local movers unloading boxes from van outdoors, above view

Packaging materials

By hiring professional LA movers, mean you are free from shopping for moving materials. With local movers, they will come with packaging materials precisely for the safety of your items when moving. Some of the items include bubble wrap, packing tapes, quality boxes, and packaging paper among other items.

Secured transportation

If there is one aspect that worries many people when moving, it’s the safekeeping and transportation of their items. But our LA movers are professional packers and movers and they are well trained to transport your items safely to your new home. 



Most people won’t even have the thought of hiring professional movers; this is because of the notion that they are quite expensive. However, that’s not the case, when you compare the cost of hiring local movers versus DIY, you will realize it’s cost-effective. 

Save time

If you are the kind of person with a busy schedule, then you can save much of your time required in the packaging and moving of your items. Therefore, relax and continue with your busy day while allowing LA movers to do all the work for you. From safe packaging to loading and moving the items to your location. 

Moving is the end of the buying or/and selling process, and it is an exciting, yet stressful time.  Deciding to move yourself or hiring professional movers will be determined by which one or two factors do or die for you personally.  If you cannot physically assist or have no friends who can, you will be hiring local movers. If you don’t have the extra funds or have an unpredictable work schedule, you will be moving yourself, without local movers. 

One additional option is you can pack and move all your smaller items and boxes yourself and hire professional movers to bring over the larger back-breaking items. You can have them wrap them as well, or you can buy the proper materials and wrap everything yourself to save a couple of extra dollars. Just make sure you do a good job. Also, bear in mind that our professional LA movers offer professional moving services that can handle your more tricky-to-pack belongings with skills that come from years of moving. 

And if any of your items are damaged during your move despite our best efforts, or if items get lost in transit, it’s our responsibility to pay for repairs or replacements — not yours. When you move yourself, you bear those losses yourself. So whether you self-move or hire professional packers and movers depends not only on your moving budget but also on how much risk, stress, and physical labor you can deal with. Whatever you choose, we wish you good luck with your move!

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